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 Neveaux & Co.
Real Estate Investors

About Us.

Alvin & Shannon

Founders of Neveaux & Co. Real Estate Investors. We are proud parents who are creating generational wealth, and financial freedom, while reclaiming our time. And we believe that financial literacy and having a healthy relationship with money are fundamental building blocks to building generational wealth.

Marriage | Finances | Real Estate Investing

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"Our purpose is to inspire

and educate through our story."

We have successfully
used Real Estate Investing as our debt paydown strategy.

By sharing real experiences and our creative thought process towards investing, we intend for our story to help dispel the myth that you must have all your "ducks in a row" to begin your wealth building or real estate investment journey.


When we started we went head first and made a lot of mistakes.

Our mission is to provide millennials with the resources & strategies they need to create the life they desire despite their circumstances. 


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